Tiffany Alvord - I’ve Got It Covered Vol. 3 (2013) [M4A]

🕘Agustus 27, 2013📦
I’ve Got It Covered Vol. 3  (2013)
Artis:Tiffany Alvord
Album:I’ve Got It Covered Vol. 3
Genre:Pop Song Cover
Peluncuran:13 Agustus 2013

Album musik I’ve Got It Covered Vol. 3 merupakan kumpulan lagu yang dicover oleh Tiffany Alvord yang dirilis pada tahun 2013.

Daftar Lagu

  1.  Still Into You (Acoustic Version)
  2. Hurt Me Tomorrow
  3. Young Volcanoes
  4. Here’s To Never Growing Up (Acoustic Version)
  5. I Knew You Were Trouble
  6. Don’t You Worry Child (Acoustic Version)
  7. Just Give Me a Reason
  8. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together
  9. Young and Beautiful
  10. This Kiss
  11. As Long As You Love Me
  12. If I Lose Myself
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